Research Center - SUDAV

The objectives of the Centre for Advanced Researches in Welding – SUDAV are connected to the FP7, 4th thematic area (Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, New Materials and Production Processes for the knowledge industry development), 4.4 sub-domain (Integrated Technologies for Industrial Applications, nanomaterials and new technologies sectorial and inter-sectorial implementation).

    General objectives
  • fundamental and applicative research development in the field of welding
  • accession and integration into the specialized European research networks
  • promoting R&D activities with regional impact
  • human resources development at doctoral and post-doctoral level
  • international visibility increasing
    Specific objectives:
  • fundamental and applicative researches in the field of arc welding processes
  • fundamental and applicative researches in the field of pressure welding processes (butt, spot, in line, by friction)
  • fundamental and applicative researches in the field of special welding processes:
  • affiliation to the specialized networks, internationally recognized, ensuring excellence in technical science and advanced technologies
  • technological transfer of the researches results to SMEs
  • centre human resources development
  • international visibility increasing of the SUDAV centre members research
  • European Welding Federation - EWF accreditation of the centre

Research Center SUDAV – Managerial Staff

  • Prof. Dr. Eng. Elena Scutelnicu - Director
  • Asist. Prof. Dr. Eng. Carmen Catalina Rusu - Fundamental Research Department Responsible
  • Asoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Octavian Mircea - Technological Transfer Department Responsible
  • As. Prof. Dr. Eng. Daniel Visan
  • As. Prof. Dr. Eng. Luigi-Renato Mistodie
  • As. Prof. Dr. Eng. Dan-Catalin Birsan
  • As. Prof. Dr. Eng. Bogddn Georgescu
  • As. Prof. Dr. Eng. Corneliu-Marius Gheonea
  • As. Eng. George Simion, PhD Student

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Eng. Elena Scutelnicu
Faculty of Engineering, Department of  Manufacturing Engineering
111 Domneasca St., 800201 - Galati, Romania
Tel: +40 336 130208, Fax: +40 336 130283