Funding Application for Joint Applied Research Projects

Research direction no. 2.1: Systems and energy sustainable technologies, energy security
Research theme no. 2.1.1: Security increasing in the energy supplying

The project addresses the improvement of the security in exploitation of the trans-European gas pipelines by applying mechanized welding innovative technologies for the longitudinal welded joints achievement (Priority domain no. 2 - Energy).

The goals of the project are connected to the evaluation of the maximum level of the strain and stress in the pipelines and to the modelling of the heat transfer in welded joints, when the submerged multiarc welding process is applied to the pipeline sections fabrication. Another goal of the project is the conception of an original multiarc welding installation used for the longitudinal welded joints investigation of pipelines sections. A comparative experimental research of the mechanical and metallurgical properties of the welded joints, achieved by monoarc and multiarc welding, will be conducted in order to analyse the welding process influence on the strength, plasticity and structural changes.

The project will ensure a sustainable development of the energy systems by increasing the security in natural gas providing, through the optimization of multiarc welding technologies, which leads to quality welded joints, free of defects, and decreases the possible accidents, such as explosions and gas losses. The economic impact consists in manufacturing, transportation and assembling of pipeline sections in Romania. The industrial implementation of the project results will be assured by the SC ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Galati.

A new analytical model applied to calculus of gas pipelines, 3D mathematical models of heat transfer at mono and multiarc welding, conception of an original multiarc welding installation and innovative optimal multiarc welding technologies will be the main deliverables of the project. The implementation of the project results will increase the competitiveness, innovation and knowledge level in the pipelines fabrication field.