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Faculty of Engineering
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Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 2668-4829 (PRINT) 2668-4888 (ONLINE)

Fascicle V, Year 2021

1. N. BAROIU, G.A. MOROȘANU - Constructive-Functional Analysis and Sizing of Hydraulic Filters

2. D. BOAZU - The Influence of Small Clearances in the Spherical Joints of the Systems on their Dynamic Response

3. R.S. CRĂCIUN, G.A. MOROȘANU, V.G. TEODOR - Improving the Quality of Small Pieces Made by Rapid Prototyping

4. G.A. MOROȘANU, V.G. TEODOR, N. OANCEA - Gear-Rack Tool for Generating an Involute Flank. Virtual Pole Method

5. G.A. MOROȘANU, R.S. CRĂCIUN, N. BAROIU - Constructive-Functional Analysis and Calculation of Flow Control Valves

6. M. OPREA, G.A. MOROȘANU, V.G. TEODOR, V. PĂUNOIU - Verification through Three-Dimensional Scanning of a Part Made by Rapid Prototyping Technologies

7. C. AFTENI, G. FRUMUȘANU, C. COMȘA - NN Modelling of the Energy Consumption in Welding Process

8. C. AFTENI, V. PĂUNOIU, M. AFTENI - Study on the Transition from the Linear Economy to the Circular Economy