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Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 2668-4829 (PRINT) 2668-4888 (ONLINE)

Special Issue - The 6th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies - NEWTECH 2020
September, 09-11th, Galati, Romania, 2020 – Online edition

Fascicle V, Year 2020

1. V.D. Majstorovic, S. Stojadinovic - Cyber Physical Manufacturing Metrology

2. E. Iunusova, K. Szipka, A. Archenti - Condition monitoring of rolling element bearings: benchmarking of data-driven methods

3. A. Gavrus - Computational Framework Concerning the Formulation of Maximum Work Principle used in Plasticity, Materials Forming and Tribology as a Consequence of a Variational Optimization Problem Defined From the Constructal Law

4. G. Frumusanu, V. Teodor, N. Oancea - Profiling of the flat-tool for manufacturing worms with circular eccentric profile by cold forming

5. V. Marinescu, F. Teodor, C. Maier, V. Paunoiu, A. Epureanu - Choosing the optimal order within reconfigurable manufacturing systems based on the Earning Power value

6. V. Paunoiu, C. Maier, I. Iacob, V. Marinescu - Numerical analysis of hydroforming process control using variable blankholder force

7. G. Nagit, O. Dodun, L. Slatineanu, M. Ripanu, A. Mihalache, A. Hrituc - Influence of some process input factors on the main dimensions of the grooves generated during the ball vibroburnishing

8. S.N. Florescu, M.C. Gheonea, D. Mihailescu, V. Teodor - Influence of marine corrosion on the roughness of MAG welded joint surfaces

9. M.C. Gheonea, S.N. Florescu, D. Mihailescu, V. Teodor - Influence of marine corrosion on the roughness of the dry hyperbaric underwater MAG welding joints

10. A.D. Mazurchevici, R.I. Popa, C. Carausu, R. Comaneci, S.N. Mazurchevici, D. Nedelcu - Basic mechanical analysis of biodegradable materials

11. F. Mihaila - Research on the optimization of stress relief holes applied in blanks used for body-in-white stamping parts with complex asymmetrical shapes

12. N.M. Vaxevanidis, N.A. Fountas, I. Papantoniou, D.E. Manolakos - Experimental investigation and regression modelling to improve machinability in CNC turning of CALMAX® tool steel rods

13. M.A. Constantin, E.L. Nitu, D.M. Iordache, C. Badulescu - Study on the influence of technological parameters on the friction stir butt welding process of pure copper plates

14. E.L. Nitu, A.C. Gavriluta, N. Belu, C.A. Gavriluta - Methodology for improving production flows on an assembly line

15. C. Afteni, G.R. Frumusanu, M. Afteni, V. Paunoiu - Structural identification of the bearing manufacturing process – Case-study

16. G.A. Costin, N. Baroiu, V.G. Teodor, V. Paunoiu, N. Oancea - Tool's profiling for rotational volumetric deformation-analytical study

17. A. Polzer, T. Vancura, T. Trcka - New developed software for processing and analysing of the cutting forces records verified when machining by modern circle-segment end mills

18. S. Sabari, I. Galvão, C. Leitão, D.M. Rodrigues - Influence of aluminium alloys relative positioning on dissimilar friction stir lap welds properties

19. H. Bulea - Regression functions for determining the expression of surface Roughness at plane grinding of ceramic

20. M.O. Popp, G.P. Rusu, V. Oleksik, C. Biris - Influence of vertical step on forces and dimensional accuracy of SPIF parts – a numerical investigation

21. P. Fernández-Lucio, H. González-Barrio, G. Gómez-Escudero, O. Pereira, L.N. López de Lacalle, A. Rodríguez - Analysis of the influence of the hydrostatic ball burnishing pressure in the surface hardness and roughness of medium carbon steels

22. A.I. Marosan, G. Constantin, A. Barsan, M. Crenganis, C. Girjob - Creating an ethernet communication between a Simatic S7-1200 PLC and Arduino Mega for an omnidirectional mobile platform and industrial equipment

23. A. Barsan, M. Crenganis, A.I. Marosan, A.L. Chicea - Tool-holder working unit used for robot-based incremental sheet forming

24. R.E. Breaz, S.G. Racz, C.E. Girjob, M. Tera, C. Biris - Using open source software CNC controllers and modular multi-axis mechanical structure as integrated teaching environment for CAD/CAM/CAE training

25. P. Drumea, I.C. Dumitrescu, M.Al. Hristea - Conceptual solutions for digital hydraulic pumps

26. S. Belabend, V. Paunoiu, N. Baroiu, R. Khelif, I. Iacob - Static Structural Analysis Analytical and Numerical of Ball Bearings

27. E.A. Gromova - PLM as a sequential round of the technological revolution

28. M. Píška, J. Sedlácek, V. Foksová, P. Sliwková - Tribological Performance of Graphene and Graphene Oxide Films as Solid Lubricant Layers on Tool Steel Surfaces

29. C.C. Grigoras, B. Chirita, G. Brabie - A Python and Java software approach for 2.5 axes, self-adaptive stretch forming process and IoT solution

30. N. Baroiu, G.A. Costin, V.G. Teodor, N. Oancea - Algorithm for screws profiling of a conical trilobed compressor - analytical solution