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Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 2668-4829 (PRINT) 2668-4888 (ONLINE)

Fascicle V, Year 2019

1. V.G. TEODOR, G.A. COSTIN - Virtual Pole Method - Alternative Method for Profiling Rack Tools

2. D. BOAZU, I. GAVRILESCU - Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks on the Outside of the Yankee Paper Dryer Using a 2D Axisymmetric FEM Model

3. R.F. CERBU, N. BAROIU, V. PĂUNOIU - 3D Design of a Automotive 5 Speed Synchromesh Gearbox in Autodesk Inventor

4. M. NEAGU - The Turning Force Analysis Using the “Minitab” Software

5. G.A. COSTIN, V.G. TEODOR, N. OANCEA - Virtual Pole Method - An Alternative Method for Profiling Tools which Generate by Enwrapping

6. I. IACOB, G. A. COSTIN, C. AFTENI, V. PĂUNOIU - Modeling of Sheet Metal Forming Using Quasi-Elastic Media

7. F.B. MARIN, C. GURĂU, M. MARIN - Machine Learning Technique to Detect Defects on the Steel Surface

8. G. BĂLĂȘOIU, V. AMORȚILĂ - Method of Statistical Control of a Production Process

9. F.B. MARIN, Gh. GURĂU, M. MARIN - Holonic Multi-Agent Systems Algorithm for Augmented Reality Interactive Assistance

10. V. AMORȚILĂ, G. BĂLĂȘOIU - Solutions for Improving Urban Road Traffic