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Faculty of Engineering
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Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 1221-4566

Fascicle V, Year 2008

1. OANCEA Nicolae,  CUCU Marian, TEODOR Virgil, Algorithm for Corrective Profiling of the Gear Shaped Tool

2. OANCEA Nicolae,  TEODOR Virgil, Lebădă Simona, A New Approach of Helical Drill Sharpening Study

3. Virgil TEODOR,  Francisco Javier Santos MARTIN, . Nicolae DUMITRAŞCU,  Nicolae OANCEA, Energetically Model of Helical Drill Cutting Edge Form

4. DIMA M.,  BERBINSCHI S.,  DUMITRAŞCU N., Oancea N., A New Form of Major Cutting Edge of Helical Drill

5. GHEORGHIES C., HUI D., PAUNOIU V., Doping Effect on Texture Degree of a Nanocomposite Layer

6. Maria NEAGU, The Design of Wires and Fibers Extrusion System

7. Ion LIXANDRU, Alexandru EPUREANU, Gabriel FRUMUŞANU, Marian Viorel CRĂCIUN, Algorithm for Modeling the Thermo-Mechanical Field Dynamics, Based on B-Spline Functions, with Application to Machining System

8. TOTOLICI Sofia, . DIMA Mircea, POPA I., OANCEA Nicolae, Algorithm for Gear Shaped Tool Profiling by Bezier Approximation

9. Maria NEAGU, The Control of Natural Convective Heat Transfer from a Horizontal Circular Cylinder

10.  Vladislav RUSNAC, The Role of Energy and Duration of Discharging Pulse During the Micro Geometry Changing Process of Metallic Parts Surfaces by Applying Electric Discharges in Pulse.

11. Ionut CONSTANTIN, Alexandru EPUREANU, Vasile MARINESCU, Mihaela BANU, Florin Bogdan MARIN, Method for Online Identification of the Dimensional Deviation - State Variables Relation Applied to Manufacturing Machines

12. BEŞLIU Vitalie, Structure and Properties of Surface Layers of Pieces Cemented when Interacting with the Plasma Channel of Electric Discharges in Pulse

13. Nicu. CAPAŢINA, The Constructive Geometry of the Hobbing Tools for Continuous Sharpening

14.MARIN F.B., EPUREANU Al., MARINESCU V., BANU M., CONSTANTIN I., Conceiving of a High Level Language for Programming of the Machine Reconfiguration and Part Machining Dedicated to the New Reconfigurable Machine - Tools Generation

15. Marin MOŢOI - CRISTESCU, The Influence of the Geometry of the Lathe Tool on the Surface Condition at the Processing of the Polyamides

16. Marin MOŢOI - CRISTESCU, Studies Regarding the Influence of the Improving Elements Upon the Roughness of the Surface Processed of Polyamides

17. Gheorghe Vasile, Determination of the Optimal Condition in the Case of the Milling Process of PA 6 SA Polyamide

18. Adriana Gabriela PLĂIAŞU, The Composite Materials a Way to ReplaceTraditional Materials

19.Adriana Gabriela PLAIASU, Microstructural Characterization and Properties of Some ZnO Based Nanopowders

20.  Ana ROTARU, Total Productive Maintenance Overview

21.  Ana ROTARU, Implementing Lean Manufacturing

22. POPA Ionut, On the Implementation of an Algorithm Improving Approximated Tool Profiles Generating Helical Surfaces

23.Eugen GHIŢĂ, Studies Regarding of the Real Geometry of the Polyeccentrical Surface Milling-Tool

24. Alexandru CAPATINA, The Promotion of a Research Project in the Composite Materials Field Using Microsoft Project Software

25.A. Epureanu, V. Marinescu, V. Tabacaru,O. Naidim, F. Marin, Designing of an Equipment to Nanostructuring by multi-path Shearing